High quality Made In Italy

Entirely handmade snare drums and drumsticks, made in Italy by experienced master craftsman Silvano Biancucci: Using the most precious woods, employing the most sophisticated techniques. Knowledge, passion, craftsmanship and innovation: This is how Drum Art give life to their products and their unique, exceptional sound.

Proudly chosen by musicians and international companies, today Drum Art is a brand synonymous with the highest quality design and sound.

“I’ve always used Drum Art, because it is a handmade product and italian. The passion, knowledge and dedication with which Biancucci realizes these fantastic snare drums have seduced me right away and addressed my choice. From ringing tone and vivid Maple 12″ x 3.5 to the deep and warm american cherry 14″ x 8 common denominator of these masterpieces is the definition of sound. Drum Art is unmistakable.”
“For me the snare drum is the engine room of a drum kit. I look for a drum that gives me a sound to characterise my style. Drum Art aluminum 5.5″ is my wish come true. Accuracy, sensitivity, dynamic control and volume in all tuning ranges – Sensational!”
Alessandro Canini DrumArt testimonial 2
“Drum Art is the right choice to underline one more time the italian excellence. Power, sound, stability and reliability are the main reasons because of I chose to have my Drum Art snaredrum always with me.
“Drum Art is something unbelievable. Power, feeling, sound. The DA1465UL is the snaredrum I was looking for.”>.
Fitzroy Dave Green DrumArt testimonial
“I use DrumArt’s drumsticks because they’re just the perfect of drumsticks I have ever used!”


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We provide continuous technical assistance in order to ensure perfect performance in every situation.
Because our goal is to become, for every musician, real partners.