Italian handcrafted snare drums of superior quality.



Handcrafted snare drums

Professional drumsticks

Drummer accessories and ergonomic cushions for musicians

Lifestyle and clothing

From idea to testing

High-quality materials and attention to detail.

From drum sticks for percussion and drums to snare drums with slats or aluminum drums-all of our products are unique creations.

Handcrafted production 100% made in Italy

Snare drums easy to tune, powerful sensitive and super versatile

Accurate and reliable drum and percussion sticks

Worldwide distribution
Warranty: 2 years

What is the best snare drum?

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Drum Art family


"I have always used Drum Art, because it is an artisanal and Italian product. The passion, knowledge and dedication with which Biancucci makes these fantastic snare drums seduced me from the start and directed my choice. Common denominator of these masterpieces is the definition of sound. Drum Art is unmistakable."

Every musician is unique

Proudly we accompany the performance of the artists who have chosen us and choose us, over time. Every musician who chooses Drum Art contributes to our knowledge. Artists coming from different musical paths, real stories of talent. Each with its uniqueness, just like Drum Art.


"The snare drum is the engine of the drum kit for me. I have always been looking for one that allows me to find a sound that characterizes my style. The 5.5 aluminum Drum Art has sublimated this desire of mine. Precision, sensitivity, dynamic control, volume and great tuning stability. Sensational!"

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