Perfection in every beat

We make the highest quality handcrafted snare drums and drumsticks.

We merge our artistic and manual skill to give life to our unique instruments and products. We guarantee an impressive performance.

Knowledge, passion, craftsmanship and innovation are in our every gesture. It has helped us become a point of reference for professional musicians in search of exclusive, high-performance products.


Every musician is unique

We support musicians in search of perfection and excellence in sound. Drum Art provides musicians with unique and extraordinary products.

We value the work of each artist. We fully support them with impeccable products whilst also responding to technical or artistic requirements;our assistance is continuous, embodied in the guarantee and maintenance of the product, this makes us a reliable partner.

Our constant pursuit of excellence, associated with technological innovation, ensures that every drummer can count the extraordinary quality of our instruments.


Precision in every detail

We manufacture every single piece by hand with extreme precision, using specifically selected quality materials.

The best and finest woods are handcrafted. Thanks to the secrets and artistry of Drum Art’s skilled craftsmanship, all the components including mechanical ones, are carefully tested to achieve the very highest production results.

Drum Art does not have a “standard”: each product is unique, the uniqueness comes from the passion, precision and meticulous work during construction.


A decade of passion

Drum Art was founded in January 2004 by Silvano Biancucci, an expert craftsman and ex-drummer driven by a passion for music and percussion.


After much dedicated research and development the first Drum Art snare was born. Silvano’s new creation was greeted with overwhelming praise by renowned musicians including the prestigious world famous orchestra of La Scala in Milan who chose to use Drum Art snare drums.
Pearl drums Japan also use Drum Art shells for their “Artisan” range.

Love for the extraordinary

The Drum Art brand is now synonymous with knowledge, passion, the art of fine craftsmanship and modern technology

Our mission as always is to provide high-quality instruments made entirely by hand using sophisticated techniques, in order to ensure the best sound and performance for every musician.