Rullante artigianale in Alluminio – texture bronze

14″×5.5″ | 6.5″


Slatted professonal snare drum | Drum Art
100% Handmade in Italy

The best version of an aluminum snare drum. From a special aluminum alloy comes the 3.5-mm-thick drum of this snare drum with a straight edge and rounded profile: artfully designed details that revolutionize what you expect from aluminum. The response is incredible, with great naturalness comes out a full-bodied and powerful sound, rich in mid-bass frequencies and easily controlled harmonics, with tailpiece always well present.

Warranty: 4 years

We are so convinced of our products that we add two more years free of charge to the standard two-year warranty. For us, quality is a mission.


Drum technology: 3.5mm aluminum alloy plate calendered and welded finish: bronze texture Drum material: Padouk, solid wood Drum thickness: 27 mm Inner stem: unturned, faceted Seasoning: 4 years / 10 years Finish: wood-effect clear varnish Bearing edge: ad hoc inclinations to go along with the skin pattern as much as possible Tailpiece bed: designed for each snare drum diameter Hardware: chrome plated Blocks: no. 10 in full brushed anticorodal Tie rods: no. 10 stainless steel, with optimized pitch for effective tuning Rims: Power Hoop triple flange 2.3 mm 14”, 13″, 12″ / Die – Cast 14” on request Internal hardware: black anodized steel String Tensioner Kit: Chrome-plated brass string tensioning machine with microtune technology, braided orange cotton cord ties Skins (resonant/batting): Remo Ambassador Chord: Pearl Ultrasoud – 20 strands (42 strands on 7″ and 8″) Case: semi-rigid, with one compartment and shoulder strap








Drum Art Rullante Padouk dettaglio 3

Focus on the material: our aluminum alloy

It is because of the special aluminum alloy we use and refined construction procedures that we obtain from this metal musical and balanced sounds, excellent control of harmonics and in dynamics, presence, smoothness and volume. Tuning the instrument is also easy and quick. The aluminum sheets used in Drum Art’s handcrafted snare drums are produced according to careful procedures, carry certification, and are made from high-quality raw materials.


The convenient made-in-Italy semi-rigid case with padded compartment, orange interior and shoulder strap, also sold separately, is included with the purchase of the snare drum.

Drum Art - Custodia rullante
Drum Art - Custodia rullante aperta
Drum Art - Custodia rullante aperta

Drum Art Technology

Drum Art handcrafted snare drums are professional instruments strictly handmade in Italy. We process selected lumber already seasoned from 4 to 10 years on the farm, create and assemble staves with utmost care, pairing the most compatible ones to make stems balanced in sound and aesthetics.

The staves are joined by a dowel of the same wood for maximum strength and perfectly welded by special glues for high violin making made specifically for each wood species.

The resulting 20-slat shaft is then meticulously turned on the outside, while on the inside the slight facets of the slats promote fruitful sound reflections. The bearing edge has specially designed inclinations to go along with the skin pattern as much as possible and avoid any tension. The wood is then polished and waterproofed, and we finally get a solid body with a thickness of as much as 24 mm.

Motenia Walnut Drum Art Snaredrum detail 2
Drum Art Rullante Padouk dettaglio

The chrome-plated hardware, fixed with anodized screws, consists of solid anticorodal blocks, stainless steel tie rods with a special pitch optimized for quick and durable tuning, 2.3 mm triple-flange rims, and brass string tensioning machine with microtune technology that make it especially accurate and reliable. To finish, the 20-strand Pearl Puresound tailpiece and Remo Ambassador skins are fitted.

All elements skillfully chosen and calibrated to achieve a optimal sensitivity, wide dynamic range, volume, powerful attack and harmonic control.
Every choice, even the most mundane is made in synergy with the technology encapsulated in the prodigious and vibrant 24 mm slatted shaft with the sole aim of building the specific and amazing sound that sets Drum Art products apart from the rest of the world-a richness of tone that can thrill any professional musician.

The choice of snare drum material is of course subjective and is mainly related to the tonal qualities sought in the instrument. In a nutshell, it is customary to say that metal snare drums typically have a brighter sound shifted to the mid to high frequencies, while wooden snare drums have a fuller, warmer sound. Instead, experience tells us that construction technology determines the real difference in timbre between wood and metal, our handcrafted aluminum snare drum-bronze texture being a prime example.

The snare drum is the central element of the acoustic drum kit, but it is also a musical instrument in orchestral or band settings. The construction quality of the stem, tuning machines and materials used determine the level of professionalism of the instrument, which is seen in sensitivity and consequent dynamic range, tone quality, tuning efficiency, strength and durability. Versatility is an appreciable plus.

The best snare drum is one that allows you to best express, even beyond your expectations, your musical intent and that does not hinder your creative and performance flow.
So the choice is very subjective; it is related to the way of playing and the genres approached. Often one has two or more favorite snare drums, used according to the situation or there are those who prefer to focus on the versatility of the instrument. While this is a subjective choice, there are snare drums that are objectively better than others in terms of dynamic qualities, timbre, and materials.

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