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Drum Art is an Italian artisan company. We handcraft professional snare drums and drumsticks with care and dedication. We are cabinet craftsmen, we love music, we are drummers. We want to innovate the world of percussion, to make our contribution to improve the sound experience of the player and the listener.

Our production is done totally and strictly in Italy, the materials used, from different wood essences to metal alloys are of the highest quality, we also like to have maximum control over the product, so even the design of the snare drum hardware components is done in-house.

Drum Art Biancucci

Drum Art handcrafted snare drums are professional instruments strictly handmade in Italy. We process selected lumber on the farm that has already been seasoned under natural conditions from 4 to 10 years, a feature that ensures its stability and maximizes its tonal qualities. We carefully create and assemble staves, pairing the most compatible ones to make drums that are balanced in sound and aesthetics.

For maximum solidity, the staves are joined by a dowel (male) of the same wood and perfectly welded by special glues for high violin making made specifically for each wood species. The resulting 20-slatted stem (16 in the Fat-Boy model) is then meticulously turned (mechanically flaked) on the outside, while on the inside we let the slight facets of the slats promote the proper sound reflections.
The bearing edge has specially designed inclinations to go along with the skin pattern as much as possible, achieving exceptional sensitivity and allowing us, having full control over the harmonics, to sculpt as sound designers the timbre of each model. The wood is then reinforced with an insulating treatment that stabilizes it and makes it inert against weathering. A light sanding precedes the wood-effect clear coat, and we finally get a splendid and solid body with a thickness of no less than 27 mm (24 mm in the Fat-Boy model).

The tailpiece bed is another important aspect of the drum that decisively influences the sound of the snare drum, so we put all our experience and craftsmanship into achieving maximum adherence of the tailpiece to the skin while leaving the skin with excellent resonant ability.

The hardware, fixed with anodized screws, consists of solid and brushed anticorodal blocks, stainless steel tie rods with special optimized pitch for fast and durable tuning, 2.3 mm triple-flange Power Hoop hoops, and brass string tensioning machine with microtune technology that make it especially accurate and reliable. To finish, the 20/42-strand Pearl tailpiece held by two efficient orange braided cotton bands and Remo Ambassador skins are fitted.

All of which are expertly chosen and calibrated to achieve optimal sensitivity, wide dynamic range, volume, powerful attack and harmonic control.
Even the smallest choice is made in synergy with the technology encapsulated in our prodigious and vibrant slatted drum, with the sole aim of building the specific and amazing sound that distinguishes Drum Art products in the world: a richness of timbre capable of thrilling every professional musician.

Drum Art drum and percussion drumsticks are professional instruments carefully manufactured in Italy. We are aware of how decisively the baton influences the sound generated by the affected musical instrument; it has its own timbral and dynamic qualities that make it in turn a complementary musical instrument.

We have designed a rich selection of models that vary and complement the classic types of drumsticks because, whether they are used for drums or percussion, we understand them as extensions of the hands of the player, and for us everyone should be able to find the one that best suits them, their playing, their instruments, and their musical genre.

Each wand is designed with the aim of achieving maximum linearity and uniformity between the handle, body, neck and tip. In doing so, we met the important need of every drummer for durable and strong drumsticks by choosing to enlarge the tips of each model by a few tenths of a mm over the standard.

Drum Art’s handcrafted drumsticks make use of a number of mechanized steps, optimized on a case-by-case basis, fully consistent with the sartorial concept of the product. A special lathe, built in Italy especially for our company, performs rod smoothing during the turning process.

The timbers used in the construction of the drumsticks are Hickory and American Maple, both seasoned and first-grade. However, wood is a natural material, and its characteristics fluctuate within a range of possibilities. Therefore starting from the raw lath, each future rod goes through 5 selective steps during the production process that determine its qualities. It is an indispensable chapter because it is of absolute importance to be able to pair the rods harmoniously.

Let us briefly look at the 5 selective steps:
1. Pre-processed wood is divided by weight.
2. After turning, the perfect integrity of the wood and the absence of warping are verified by the process of rolling each rod.
3. Next, the rods undergo pitch suitability testing before moving on to polishing and printing.
4. After processing, the rods are weighed again and divided into weight bands that differ by 2 g from each other.
5. Finally, the drumsticks of the same band are paired by sound and packaged with the cardboard case.

We are pleased with our innovative technology, which is the result of research and knowledge gained from two decades of working with drummers around the world, but most of all with the passion we put into this project. Satisfied, but as good craftsmen we know that everything is perfectible, so our intent is to improve endlessly.

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From gesture to material

Drum Art artigianalità

Precision in every detail

The Drum Art project was born in 2004 out of the passion, in-depth studies, tenacity and technological ideation of Silvano Biancucci, an expert cabinetmaker, who made the first prototypes of slatted snare drum. From the very beginning, they qualify as instruments of high value, incredible workmanship, with sensitivity, volume and timbre that are out of the ordinary.

Drum Art quickly received praise from great musicians and prestigious orchestras, who chose the products created by Biancucci, giving rise to solid professional relationships, such as the one with the Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan or the one with the company Pearl.
The Drum Art brand today represents an excellence of Italian craftsmanship in the world.

Art in the service of art

We collaborate closely with extraordinary musicians, listen to their desires, needs and problems related to performance, live and studio sound, and have thus been able to fine-tune first-class snare drums and drumsticks without, however, exhausting our desire to constantly improve. Every musician deserves the best, and our intent is to make unique, high-quality instruments that solve the obstacles encountered by artists in their experience, allowing them to experience the tangible satisfaction of being able to rely on an instrument with excellent performance, our presence, assistance, and continued research.
Drum Art Biancucci company
Drum Art made in Italy handmade snare
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