Selection Guide

It depends on the sound you want to achieve and also based on musical genres. Our snare drums are very versatile, some more than others.

First of all, you need to understand your musical needs and what sound you want to get out of the instrument. Secondly, we always recommend that you select your model based on certain characteristics: weight, size and tip.

It can be consulted by clicking on the various sections of the navigation menu.

Product care

Clean the snare drum after each use with a micro-fiber cloth: a small measure that prevents oxidation of the mechanics.

To keep your instrument in perfect condition so that it always performs at its best, we recommend downloading the “Care and Maintenance” brochure where you will find everything you need to know to keep your instrument in top condition.
The brochure can be found at this link.

Contact us immediately to consult with us on the extent of damage and agree on a possible repair.

We recommend a multipurpose cleaning spray for cleaning wood.
For aluminum tie rods, brush them with SIDOL, periodically, so they maintain their luster.

In order to have your microntune set always “in shape”, we suggest to disassemble it once a year from the snare drum and degrease it well with a brush and acetone.
For routine maintenance, we recommend always keep the adjustment wheel clean and degreased.


Our products are shipped with custom cardboard packaging.
Professional snare drums come with a semi-rigid professional case included in the price.

Usually within 24 hours of ordering we ship to our stores.
In the case of products that are not available in stock waiting times are 30 working days.

Credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Yes. Soon it will also be possible to buy Drum Art gift cards online.


The warranty on all snare drums is 4 years: 2 according to European standards and another 2 offered by Drum Art.

If you don’t have your warranty download it at this link.
You’ll be able to find all the specifics on warranty and non-warranty damage.

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