Back to DRUMSTICKS HICKORY IMPERIALI Features Designed for those wanting a large weighty practice stick also for drum Corps, medieval or marching bands. Drummers will note the ‘decisive’ sound! Imperiale are also available in quantity, unbranded with no sheath. Diameter 17,60 mm Lenght 410 mm Round Tip FIND YOUR NEAREST RETAILER [...]

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Back to DRUMSTICKS HICKORY 7A Features Solid, well balanced and longer than the standard 7A, made from the best Hickory to satisfy those looking for a light yet durable stick. Diameter 13,85 mm Lenght 411 mm Acorn Tip FIND YOUR NEAREST RETAILER [...]

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Back to DRUMSTICKS HICKORY 5A Caratteristiche The Drum Art 5A was created to satisfy those who need a light yet powerful and durable drumstick. It’s versatile, extremely well balanced, with a carefully proportioned shaft to favour the rebound. The tip is a slightly elongated acorn providing great definition on cymbals. Diameter 14,25 [...]

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