The brand new Drum Art 5AM PROGRESSIVE is the maple version of the 5A PROGRESSIVE created to meet the needs of all those who are unsatisfied and can not find the wand that suits them, we have developed a new concept of progressive wand, at the same time powerful and durable but in this case softer.
It is versatile for all genres but indicated especially for jazz, extremely balanced.
The barrel tip allows and ensures excellent definition on the plates. Painted orange with a special anti-sweat paint and with extreme grip, leaving aside the tip and the bottom to avoid staining the skins.
Weights are selected as the pitch 44 – 46 grams up to 52 – 54 2 grams for 2 grams.

  • Diameter 14.57 mm
  • Handle diameter 14.28 mm
  • Length 412 mm
  • Barrel tip

Also available natural without orange paint.

DrumArt Maple 5AM Progressive