We thought of this stick for the drummer who needs a lot of volume but less weight for this in Maple to have a softness in the sound unique but at the same time a full-bodied sound. The size is a 5b slightly increased, the neck increased to bring slightly the balancing forward and making her do all the work.
The length allows you to have the opportunity to move the fulcrum forward while maintaining an excellent sound impact.
The tip is similar to our 2b but undersized. The yellow anti-slip paint improves the greap, gives a unique look and easily recognizable.
Designed by our team from the beginning taking into account your musical needs.
You can find it in 2 versions:
  • maple 85BM explosion
  • hickory 85B explosion
  • Length : 419 mm
  • Diameter : 15,55
  • Tip : acorn / olive
Our sticks are selected by weight and by sound.
DrumArt Maple 85BM explosion