From our hands to those of the artist

Drum Art – made entirely by hand, with extreme precision and the careful selection of materials.


Power, warmth, max sensitivity and amazing tonal shades, enclosed in a very elegant design: Drum Art has surpassed the standards of construction to satisfy musicians who demand more.
Drum Art snare drums are entirely handmade, one by one, by skilled craftsman, Silvano Biancucci.


Drum Art Drumsticks are perfectly calibrated, balanced and paired. They are made to meet the needs of all drummers in all musical situations. Each stick is individually hand machined and hand finished. Care is taken throughout the process, giving Drum Art drumsticks their ultra high quality – fruits of Drum Art’s experience.


Drum Art accessories are designed for reliability and high-level performance. Every product is produced using sophisticated materials and new technologies. Our mission: to achieve the very best results.


For those who experience a passion for music, we offer the ‘Life-Style’ series of accessories and clothing, available in various sizes and colors.
They make excellent gifts, ideal for music lovers and likeminded family and friends!