At Drum Art we don’t measure time in units because it’s not the time spent that matters, it’s the perfection of every detail that counts.

Drum Art Drumsticks are perfectly calibrated, balanced and paired. They are made to meet the needs of all drummers in all musical situations. Each stick is individually hand machined and hand finished.

Care is taken throughout the process, giving Drum Art drumsticks their ultra high quality – fruits of Drum Art’s experience. Once passed the initial quality control, we proceed to the manual finishing and polishing treatment. We then move on to the final selection: a structured process of monitoring, verifying and categorizing the weight and balance of each and every stick. After which they are paired and hand packed. Drum Art premium sticks will probably be the most closely paired drumsticks you’ll ever find. Our sticks give you all that you want and all that you need.


Resilient, responsive and durable with a classic feel – these are the primary characteristics of Drum Art’s selected North American Hickory drumsticks. Hickory is the most widely used wood in the construction of wooden drumsticks.