Taking inspiration from the drums that made the history, we proudly present the Fat Boy. For this project we have teamed up once again with Dave from Yourdrumsound to create a different tone and enrich our sound palette. The shell is made with our proprietary stave shell design. We have tested different woods and we ended up choosing the Basswood, which was never used to build drums.We have found with this wood the perfect combination between lightweight and deep tone. With our completely redesigned “soft” bearing edge, the new profile allow more contact between the head and the shell to get a deeper sound but still with a great articulation which is a Drum Art’s trademark.

The Fat Boy features 8 aluminum steel Tube Lugs of our own design and Made in Italy. The lugs are finished with an opaque galvanic process that guarantees their durability over time. The strainer is custom made for Drum Art in the USA. Lightweight with a smooth action.

The Fat Boy, with its clear reference to the past and vintage sounds, is designed for the drummer looking for an innovative sound but with a classic feel, but with all the comfort of the new building tecnology. The Fat Boy sounds great with lower tunings, and thanks to our strong shell you can adjust the tuning by using just one screw and still having a pleasant and stable tone, even playing rim shots!


  • Size: 14×6,5
  • 2.4 mm Basswood stave shell 
  • Aluminum Tube Lugs 
  • “Soft” bearing edges 
  • 2.3 mm triple flange hoops 
  • Drum Art custom strainer (U.S.A Made) 
  • Remo Ambassador heads
  • Available in different 4 colors: Fenix touch matt, black, orange lobster, mustard yellow 
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