News 2019 Soft Shot & Soft Throne

Great news in DrumArt for 2019, with the arrival on the market of two innovative products: SOFT THRONE e SOFT SHOT.


Drum Art has designed a new accessory for all seated musicians: the Soft Throne. Anatomical and ergonomic, the new Drum Art gel cushion offers to the musician many benefits: it distributes weight evenly, absorbs shocks, corrects posture, but above all it restores energy to the body. Engineered with particular attention to design, it adapts to every stool thanks to the variety of sizes to meet every need. Practical to carry, it will be the indispensable accessory for the activity of every musician.


Innovation and tradition come together in a single body in search of a sound never heard before. The newest drumsticks designed for those who want to get out of the box.

DrumArt Soft Throne
DrumArt Soft Shot