He was born in Fermo in 1996. He started playing the drums at the age of 11 and immediately had a strong interest in genres such as Hard Rock, Thrash Metal and Hardcore Punk. At the age of 13 he enrolled at the Lizard Music Academy in Porto San Giorgio, initially under the guidance of the teacher Andrea Martella and later with the teacher Michele Lelli. In the meantime, he begins to make his first concerts around Italy with a hardcore punk band from Fermo, Walk into the Storm. In 2013 he was called to be part of Hatred (Thrash Metal band active since 2001), starting a solid live activity around Italy. From 2013 to 2015 he plays with Spirale, a Sludge / Doom Band from Macerata. With them he recorded the single “Ossa” at the MAM Recordings Studio in Cuneo in collaboration with Gionata Mirai (guitarist of the Teatro degli Orrori); he wins the 2014 edition of “Mangiadischi unheard music contest” and he records their first album, the homonymous “Spirale”.

In 2014 he joined Baphomet’s Blood, a Speed ​​Metal band active since 2003, already established in the underground world metal scene. After recording the band’s fifth album (“In Satan We Trust”), he started doing many tours with them in Italy and in Europe, playing in many important metal festivals like Old Grave Fest (Romania), Heavy Metal Espectros (Spain), No Compromise Fest (Belgium), Black Silesia Festival (Poland), Der Detze Rockt (Germany) and Vilkų Žiema (Lithuania), sharing the stage with famous metal bands like Diamond Head, Archgoat , Asphyx, Gehennah, Omen and Metal Church. In January 2018 joins the STORM, a well known band Hardcore / Screamo of Belluno active since 2005. With them begins an intense live activity, which includes the legendary “72h Non-stop Release Party” (a tour of 20 concerts in 72 hours), numerous tours in Europe and participation in important Italian festivals such as the Sherwood Festival (Padua), the Curtarock Festival (Curtarolo) and the Santa Valvola Fest (Prato), opening at the Zu. In March 2018 it ranks second among the 8 finalists of the Lizard Expo 2018 competition. At the same time he began to get interested in other genres such as Fusion, Funky, Latin, Drum’n’bass and Reggae, thus expanding his style. In April 2018 he formed an instrumental Math / Post Rock trio called Those noisy 3. On November 9th 2018 he plays as a session drummer for the release of the album “The Gospel according to Thomas” by the band of Thomas Silver (former guitarist of the famous Swedish band Hardcore Superstar) at Legend Club in Milan. Stefano Rutolini DrumArt Back to PROMOTER AREA

“Uso Drum Art da sempre. Adoro i prodotti Drum Art che mi fanno svolgere il mio lavoro con la massima ergonomicità e durabilità possibili e mi permettono di avere un sound riconoscibile che “buchi” il mix!”

Musical instrumentals used

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